3D printing services

Get a 3D design
(STL format)

Design / Repair / Modify a 3D file.

Price: 48 € / hour

If You have an idea we can make it happen

We design 3D files from scratch! Scanning Objects

Bring an object and pass it to a digital format.
Get your 3D design easy and simple way.

Price: 35€

You can design a 3D object Free,
on the Web:

Generate a GCODE
(print file)

Design / Repair / Modify a 3D file.

Free budget

A quote to print model. This will ensure that a correct impression is obtained.

Upload your own GCODE

Follow the steps in our manual and see how easy it is to print!

3D printing (file printed in 3D)

Print in PLA

Price: 6,5 €/hour – 0.03 €/gram
PLA is the most economical and fastest option to obtain an object in 3D.
Recommended for most cases.

Print on other materials

ABS = 6,5€/hour – 0.03€/gram

FLEXIBLE = 6,5 €/hour – 0,1 €/gram

Wood = 6,5 €/hour – 0,1 €/gram

Metal = 6,5 €/hour

SLA Resin = 10,5 €/hour – 0,9 €/gram


Steam bath / Epoxy coating / painted and surface finishes

Price: 20 €

Get a smooth and elegant finish.

Serial production

Did you like the result of your impression?
Do you want to produce a certain amount?

In Boloberry we have a production service of molds and dump of polyetherene resin. Series productions at the best price!

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