Deep Black resin (DB)

With the Deep Black resin you will have a very high resolution and will look like just out of an injection mold. The maximum contraction that your pieces are going to present is only 0.5% .Deep Black is the ideal resin for your artistic prints, your printed figures will always keep a black color, even in its finest details, and they will not present any discoloration. All this thanks to the application of pigmentation at the level of nanoparticle. The resin, once completely cured, has a shore hardness of 81 D. The Deep Black resin is available in Black color.Volume of 1 liter capacity.The shelf life of the resin is about 1 year. Store the product in an environment between 10ºC and 25ºC.

An environment of excessive heat will prematurely polymerize the resin. Resin that has not cured in an impression can be reused for later printing.

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The resin is composed of three elements, the photo initiator, the monomer and the inhibitor photo. The initiating photo once exposed to ultraviolet light causes the monomer to harden. The mission of the inhibitor photo is to prevent ultraviolet light from curing too much in depth. The exposure time of the ultraviolet light, the% of the initiator photo and the inhibitor photo% make it possible to work with the layer height desired. With a DLP projector that emits between 2500 and 3000 lumens, the Fun To Do resin takes between 2 and 4 seconds to cure for a layer height of 75 microns (0.075mm). Times are the ones used for the SLA SolidRay 3d printer. There are multiple factors that directly affect the cure times needed for each resin, such as: layer height, resin color, projector lumens, brightness and contrast of the projector , distance between projector and resin,... The times indicated are for guidance. And once the piece is printed do not forget:

* Insert and remove the piece in a bath of isopropyl alcohol between 2 and 4 minutes to remove remains of resin , use a soft brush if necessary.

* Wipe off any remaining isopropyl alcohol with a spray of compressed air or a hair dryer (with no hot air).

* Leave the sun between 20 and 40 minutes or under ultraviolet light between 1 and 8 minutes - depending on the piece (uv light lamps for drying nail polish also work).

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